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Hello there.
Welcome to the price machine 2000. The purpose of the price machine 2000 is to give you an estimated prize for your webpage.
Let's begin by you choosing the type of page that fits you best.
This is for the simple informative webpages. The webpage will be programmed based on a pre-existing template and then altered to fit your needs.
An adapted website is moulded based on your needs. The website is created from scratch and you are able to change the positions of elements, colors and functions on the webpage.
You and I create the entire webpage from the ground up. You have the capacity to order unique animations, functions and imbedded code.
Now it is time to enter how large the website will be. Examples of webpages are "About", "Contact", "GDPR", and so on.
Enter the page count of your website below.
It is difficult to get it right on the first go. Therefore, it is a good idea to be able to revise the website.
Please enter the required amount of revisions and if you request any special functions.
What about you?
Changes saved